Study abroad

Study abroad


О порядке проведения конкурсного отбора студентов факультета МШБ на зарубежное обучение в вузах-партнерах


Our international partners


Summer Programs:

  • The  International Summer Academy (12 ECTS, 106 contact hours) in Global Business & Management will take place from July 1 to 24, 2015 with more than 100 students from around the world attending. More information
  • The  Postgraduate International Summer Academy (6 ECTS, 40 lecturing hours) in Responsible & Sustainable Management (6-19 July 2015 ) provides training to graduate students with a business related degree, or young professionals, through interactive lectures, case studies and company visits. More information


International exchange and Double Degree programs of IBS-Plekhanov


Participating in a student exchange program will allow you to live and study abroad for a set period of time.

  • ACADEMICALLY, you will face differences in learning and teaching methods. You will have access to courses that are not available at your school or are more specialized or are presented from a different perspective. By taking them you will broaden your degree.
  • SOCIALLY, you will be in an ideal position to meet local students and exchange students and therefore to form international networks.
  • PROFESSIONALLY , you will increase your employment prospects. Your transcripts and certificates will indicate that you participated in an exchange program and thus bear testimony to your ability to succeed in a foreign language and in a different academic system.

 A year abroad will

  •          give you maximum exposure to the culture and language of the host country
  •          enrich and expand your educational experience and give you a linguistic and multicultural edge
  •          give you a more global outlook
  •          help you understand people from different cultures
  •          open new perspectives for you


  1.  Partner institutions’ websites
  2.  IBS-Plekhanov website
  3.  IBS-Plekhanov International Department (staff, information folders, students’ guides, books, maps)
  4.  Exchange students
  5.  IBS-Plekhanov students who are or have been on exchange


  •          Research carefully before making a choice, plan in advance  (It takes time and effort )
  •          Make the best choices for you. Think of what your objectives are: what are your academic and career choices
  •          Keep an open mind, be flexible regarding your destination. You might not get your first choice, so make good  2nd and  3d choices.
  •          Make sure your parents approve of your choices


You should state 3 universities in the order of preference in your study proposal letter.

When allocating you to an institution we will take into account:

  •          Your academic performance and results
  •          Command of foreign language (International Language Proficiency Certificate)
  •          Places available
  •          Specific requirements as defined by each university/business school
  •          Your stated preference
  •          Keeping the balance in the number of students on exchange

How exchange partnerships work

Plekhanov University signs  partnerships agreements  to exchange a particular number of students every year. Programs are administered by IBS-Plekhanov International Department .

While on exchange you will be enrolled  as  full-time students. You will be required to pay your fees in the usual manner to your home University. Similarly our partners send students to Plekhanov who have also paid their fees at home. This equal exchange of enrolled students allows a waiver of tuition fees at the host university.

You are required to pay for accommodation, insurance, travel and other expenses. The costs vary depending on the city and country.


You can contact: Stroganova Elena Victorovna tel. (495) 958-27-92 room 160 (1st building)

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