Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Personal Data and Visa Application

In order to get enrolled in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (REU) non-national students have to present the following information:

 1) A filled in application form containing the following:

  • Student’s full name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Citizenship
  • The name and address of the home university
  • The semester(s) you are going to study at REU
  • Whether you are studying for Double Degree (only for the students from the universities having special agreements on DD with REU)
  • If accommodation is required in the dormitory
  • If you have learned the Russian language before, how long.

2) Transcripts of academic records from the home university

3) 1 clear photocopy of passport with a clear photo on it

  • 4-6 photos
  • Passport number and date of expiry written separately
  • The city in your country where you will apply to the Russian consulate for your entry visa

This information will enable the International Center of the academy to apply to the state immigration service so that this organization could issue official invitations for incoming students on our behalf.

Exchange Application Deadlines:                                        Semester dates:

    Autumn semester – May 15                                           September 1 – January 25

    Spring semester – November 30                                    February 7 – June 30

When we have all the above-mentioned information we apply to the state immigration services who in their turn issue official invitations for incoming students. This will be no earlier than one month before your actual arrival. It may take this organization about 2 months to issue the invitation. The International Center then sends them to respective universities by express mail and the students receive the invitations 2 - 3 weeks  before the semester begins. Then they apply to the Consulate. When applying for the visa you should have:

  • National passport
  • 3 photos
  • Insurance policy
  • AIDS certificate

When you receive your visa always check that the dates and information are correct. This is just your entry visa. On arrival you will get registered for the whole period of stay and get a multiple entry visa allowing you to leave and reenter Russia. According to the entry visa you can enter Russia no earlier than 4 days before the semester starts.  Do not buy your ticket for an earlier date!

Expected Arrival Date

Students are recommended to arrive 2 or 3 days before the semester starts.

As soon as you have bought your ticket you are requested to inform Plekhanov International Center (see e-mails below) of the date, time and flight/train number.  Then we can arrange picking up service for you.

The cost of this service is 30 euros per person from the airport and 20 euros per person from the train station, paid on arrival at the International Center (room 649). 

During the first days of each semester we hold an orientation meeting for you together with Russian students from the Students’ Council. Russian students will show you around and help you become familiar with Moscow life.

Application rules and procedure for full-time foreign students