IBS-Plekhanov traditionally welcomes the delegation from the University of Northern Iova

IBS-Plekhanov traditionally welcomes the delegation from the University of Northern Iova

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From 14 to 20 May the delegation from the University of Northern Iova (the US) attends IBS-Plekhanov. The participants are: 5 professors and for students. The delegation comes in terms of regular exchange visit. the University is a long-term and reliable partner of REU. For Professors and students of Iova University and REU have been doing regular exchange visits during several years already. During these visits professors conduct their guest lectures and students share the results of their research papers. All of them, of course, get acquainted with history, science and social life of partner University. The amount and diversity of events and communication brings additional joy and pleasure.
This year delegates started with getting to know the life of our university. On 17 May professors Fred Abraham, Robin Abraham, Beverly Barber, Michael Barber, Alicia Rosburg and students Andrew Dykstra, Thomas Gage, Kirstin Knobloch, Emily Scholtes had a meeting with rector of Plekhanov REU, professor Victor I. Grishin, vice-rector of academic affairs Leonid A. Bragin, dean of IBS-Plekhanov Nadezhda V. Ponomareva, head of international student exchange department Elena V. Stroganova and other academic staff along with students of Plekhanov REU.
Rector Victor I. Grishin appraised cooperation and friendship of our universities, told about history of Plekhanov REU and its connection with history of modern Russia, mentioned our practices of preparing highly skilled labor, which has been employed during 107 years already. He also recalled famous graduates, politicians and businessmen who graduated from our University. The talk was also dedicated to the development of international cooperation of Plekhanov REU and to the outstanding achievements in this sphere.
At the end of the meeting our rector invited the guests to come to the football match - held in the session of Rector's Cup, which will be held on 18 May. Our guests readily agreed to join this sport event.

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