Plekhanov Case Contest 2014

Plekhanov Case Contest 2014

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Plekhanov Case Contest Team is glad to welcome you to take part in Plekhanov Case Contest 2014.

It will offer you:

  • A clear structure (the basics from Harvard Business School format);
  • Available for undergraduate students of all universities and business schools;
  • Managed by a team of undergraduate students of IBS-Plekhanov (interaction with candidate teams via social networks, registration, event management at all stages);
  • A balanced panel of professional external assessors (1-2 from the Big 4, 1-2 from a major FMCG, 1-2 experts on language quality – Cambridge English Language Assessment, 1-2 soft skills experts from Macmillan);
  • The stages of the contest are face-to-face, on the university premises, all the information for the analysis is sent to competing teams on the day of the contest;
  • Both relevant and irrelevant information is sent to be selected, processed and analyzed, via text messages and e-mails;
  • Only 90 minutes to receive the info and present it in a 5 minutes presentation;
  • Fast feedback from employer.


  • IBS Round 13/03/2014 17:20
  • REU Round 14/04/2014 17.20
  • Final Round 16/04/2014 17.20
    Rooms will be announced later on.

 For registration please contact:

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