Сase study training in English

Сase study training in English

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Today, 28th November 2013, IBS Plekhanov Case Club held the first case study training in English in the season 2013-2014. Teams of REU and VAVT took part in the event.

We congratulate the winners:

  • First place-Musatova Victoria, Nazaretyan Anton, Pavlenko Georgiy (IBS REU)
  • Second place-shared by two teams with identical scores: Artemyeva Olga, Trunova Olga, NamisIlya (IBS REU) and Dudnik Vadim, Bordunov Ilia, Kichigin Egor(VAVT)
  • Third place – Alekseeva Anna, Vlasov Anton, Zubrilova Anna

We thank the managers of the event and all the participants and look forward to meeting them during the case contest.

The event has been managed by Olga Pischikova, Tatiana Chubchenkova and Natalia Vervitskaya

конкурс бизнес кейсов



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