On 24 April 2014, Dr. Jane Hemsley-Brown taught 2 Consumer Behaviour Workshops for second year students of IBS-Plekhanov

The University of  Surrey, one of the UK’s top ten universities, has an excellent reputation for research. Dr. Jane Hemsley Brown is a Reader in Marketing in the Surrey Business School, in addition to her role as Associate Dean (International). Her research areas include consumer behaviour, choice in education markets and management decision making.

 Dr. Hemsley-Brown taught her workshops in IBS-Plekhanov second year groups of the Management (Marketing profile) undergraduate programme. These groups include Russian students as well as a number of international exchange and Double Degree students from IBS-Plekhanov’s partner universities.

Consumer Behaviour workshops by Dr. Hemsley-Brown combined the presentation of the most recent consumer behavior theories and models with practical tasks and critical evaluation of the theory.   Dr. Hemsley-Brown discussed with our students of marketing

- the dimensions of consumer behaviour
- the factors influencing consumer behaviour
- market segmentation

Furthermore, an overview of theoretical models was made. These included stimulus response models and cultural/lifestyle process models.

Guided by Dr. Hemsley-Brown, our students looked at the limitations of consumer behavior models, as well as at the buying involvement.

Dr. Jane Hemsley-Brown

Consumer Behaviour Workshop

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