Student of IBS took part in the international exhibition Global Village

Student of IBS took part in the international exhibition Global Village

My name is Natalia Tolstova, I am studying in ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon under the exchange agreement. On 26 March the exhibition called Global Village took place here. This event was organized by the international students in order to present cultures of the countries of their origin. There were more then 30 countries participating and, surely,Russia was among them represented by me and my collegue from Financial University.
The stand organized by us was very successful during Global Village. We brought a lot of traditional food and drinks, some Russian souvenirs and symbols. Everybody were excited to drink vodka and eat pancakes with confiture and condensed milk and pryaniki. Except famous typical Russian dishes we also have brought some dishes that seemed to our visitors very strange and interesting like tvorog that has here the substitute "cottage chese" but has another taste, buckwheat and okroshka with kvas. Some people found our cuisine very tasty and unusual and some started to pump out where could we find all these delicious things. Except degustation of the food people also asked about traditions of Russia,weather (no one could believe that we have +30 in summer) and language. Some people even tried to learn some Russian words.
To sum up, our small kiosk was represented successfully during Global Village, all our visitors were glad to know more about the country and everybody wished to visit Russia in future.

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