Welcome to Plekhanov Case Contest. 

Taking part means you are interested in business, particularly in solving business problems.

We follow the best traditions of Harvard Business School in analyzing business cases. While solving them, we learn how to run a successful business, how to make a decision through effective brainstorming, how to work well in teams and speak persuasively. You can be sure, that friendly atmosphere and great competitive spirit are always provided!

If you are creative and smart, if you can stay calm when the situation is stressful, then come. If you doubt – come anyway: you will learn to keep your head when something in your business goes wrong, and you will definitely find the right answer.

We are waiting for your applications! Good Luck!

The winners will be noticed by the best international employers and receive certificates.

All participants will benefit from the experience, too!


Why shall I take part in this contest?

-  great fun

- stimulates analytical and creative thinking

- good for your CV, for your career

- open to any undergraduate 1-2-3 year student of any university

- transparent rules

 - honest and independent panel of assessors

- the Business School only provides event management and venue, it does not take part in the panel of Assessors or try to influence their decision in any way

- a highly authoritative and balanced Panel of Assessors from international companies and organisations at every stage


What is a Case?

What is a case? Quite simply, it is a situation that a company, and sometimes a manager, is facing. This kind of situation is difficult. Or unclear. Very often both…

It may be a case when a company loses money. Or its clients to competitors. Or it best workers leave one after another. Or a very good, ambitious manager is in danger of losing his job.

These situations are very different. Any kind of unpleasant, and unexpected surprise that life may have for us.

One thing is common to all cases in business. They all call for analysis, creativity, and the right action. No book, no textbook, no teacher can give us the right answer to the infinite number of questions that come up when we work in business.

One thing, though, will help us. It is the ability to identify the real problem in each particular situation. See our limitations, our difficulties. Recognize and accept them. With these in mind, work out several ways to solve the problem, to become the winner. Weigh them up. List all advantages and disadvantages for each solution, compare the consequences. And then, give your recommendation. Explain what the best way out would be. And show how you can carry it out, step by step.


Plekhanov Case Contest itself

There are 3 stages in the Contest. At the first stage the teams of a business school (faculty) compete to identify the 3 best ones which will represent it at the University Contest. At the second stage, the 3 best teams of a university are chosen. At the third stage (the final)  is the competition between the best of the best – up to 3 teams from a university.

For students of Plekhanov University, the contest goes as follows:

  1. the quarter-final: teams of IBS-Plekhanov compete, to choose the best 3
  2. the semi-final: teams of all faculties of Plekhanov University compete, to choose the best 3
  3. the final: teams of all leading universities compete, to choose the best 3

 For students of other universities: teams are registered for the final on the “first come, first served” basis. Not more than 3 teams per university can be registered.