History of IBS-Plekhanov

History of IBS-Plekhanov

The Russian Plekhanov University of Economics was founded in February 19, 1907 and is one of the oldest Universities in Russia.

International programs started their development in the 1990-s. In 1997 Center of International Educational Programs was set up and later, in 2001, transformed into International Business School.

IBS comprises traditional fundamental Russian education with practical applied character of international educational system.

The IBS program offers students a two-level education – Bachelor and Magister – in finance, marketing and international economics.

At present about 350 students study at IBS. Every year more than 100 students go abroad to continue their education with one of the foreign partners of REU.

All the subjects at IBS are taught in English. Besides that students learn two more foreign languages – German, French, Spanish, Italian and rare languages – Dutch, Finnish, Swedish and Danish.

IBS professors are leading specialists of the REU and foreign Universities, professionals working in big Russian and international companies. Under their guidance 3 – 6 year students not only study the theory but carry out orders in the field of marketing research and finance placed by companies regularly cooperating with IBS – Plekhanov.

Because all IBS study programs have been adjusted to those of partner universities and have become fully compatible by now, students’ credits and grades are transferable and prove valid in all partner schools, which allows students to complete a double degree program within the same study period.

This being coupled with fluent knowledge of three foreign languages, computer competence, skills in business correspondence, business talks and presentations is a valuable asset saving the graduates problems in finding high-flying jobs with top companies world over.

Our graduates are now with Nestle, Coca Cola, Price Waterhouse, Philips, Procter and Gamble, Hewlett Packard, British American Tobacco, etc.