Welcome from the Dean

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome from the Dean

PonomarevaDear friends!

To those of you who have already selected the IBS-Plekhanov as the school to pursue your undergraduate and graduate in Economics and to those who just now are considering our IBS program, thank you.

IBS-Plekhanov is an excellent choice because it is a unique centre of higher learning. Let me tell you why.

International Business School-Plekhanov at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics provides an outstanding combination of Russian fundamental academic approach and Western highly applicable educational practices to equip its students for a successful career in the 21 century.

IBS-Plekhanov is a truly international business school...

with English as the language of instruction, over 50 partner-schools in 20 countries, a teaching staff of 120 professors, over 400 students and alumni working in top-flying jobs all over the world. The innovative mixture of Russian and European approaches to education prepares IBS students for successful careers in the global economy with its complex culture of competition and interdependence.

...with a professional approach to business education,

It is the function of every university to advance knowledge through scholarship, research and academic training. At IBS-Plekhanov, we make every effort to undertake research and incorporate courses which are relevant to the needs of industry and society today. Students have the opportunity to acquire the most recent knowledge and to develop the necessary capabilities and attitudes vital to today's top-level executives. Our international placement provides IBS students with a unique supervised opportunity to apply and build up their academic skills through a work project with an international organization.

...and a true university character.

Being a young child of a mature parent, IBS adopted and renovated the corporate culture of the Plekhanov Uneversity. Alumni reunion parties, open house days, leisure activities at our Students' Union and shared athletic facilities – all these have complimented and enriched the general concept of our school, that a successful organization is composed of professionally competent people with personal integrity and an attitude of service to society.

Thus, if you have decided to study at an international business school, IBS-Plekhanov is an excellent choice. We look forward to giving you the best possible response to your interest, and we wish you every success in the pursuit of your education and career.

Nadezhda Ponomareva - the Dean of the IBS

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